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Air Ambulance Services in Srinagar

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Global Air Ambulance in Srinagar- Not a Costly Affair

Air Ambulances equipped with latest ICU & CCU setup is a boon in patient transportation. In fact, Air Ambulances are fastest medium to evacuate a critical patient to somewhere he/she can be treated well. It is a widely accepted fact that due to high cost of air ambulance services in Srinagar and overall, a larger section of the society is left underprivileged to avail these services. We at Global have acknowledged this fact and have come up with our Low cost air ambulance services from Srinagar to Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Chennai and Vellore etc. While reducing the cost we have not made any compromise with the quality of the services. We have put greater effort to introduce new and latest technology to enhance our critical patient evacuation services and bring it above the benchmark level as per DGCA and health regulatory of India Guidelines.
Why people prefer Global Air Ambulance in Srinagar during Medical Emergency?

For Many Key Advantages, We Are Choice Of Preference For People Of Srinagar And Overall:-

*Bed to Bed Patient Transfer– This is a unique method to lift a patient from bed and shift him/her to the destination city bed. The method creates the least panic for the relatives of the patient.

*State of the Art ICU Equipments- We have world-class ICU setup on our air ambulances with the latest and precise equipment such as ventilator, defibrillator, suction pump, Infusion machines, oxygen cylinder, portable power supply and cardiac monitor etc.

*Experienced Doctor and Paramedics– We depute an experienced Doctor and a nurse or paramedic together with the patient to care, monitor and stabilize the patient in the due course of transportation.

*Transparent Services- We at Global Air Ambulance follows ethics and motto of genuine service. There is no hidden or extra cost associated with our air ambulance services in Srinagar at any stage of the critical patient transportation.

Srinagar City at a Glance

Srinagar is the largest city by area and summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir. The beautiful city is located on the bank of Jhelum River. Srinagar is famous for gardens, waterfalls, lakes and houseboats. The city witnesses major tourist attraction and is well connected with globe via Srinagar International Airport.

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